Steve Sare, President

Steve started in the IBEW apprenticeship in 2000. He worked his way up from apprentice to foreman during his time in the field. Being able to see all of the necessary tasks that are involved in building a new structure allows him to forecast and visualize potential issues that can be prevented during the design and constructability phases of a project.

Jeremiah Tovrea, Vice-President

Since 2006, Jeremiah has provided Sare with a wide range of innovative services, from his dedication to safety to his detailed orientated approach to project management. He is a capable leader and an important part of Sare Electric’s team.

Sean Trew, Secretary of Treasure

Sean has been in the electrical industry for over 37 years and has vast experience in electrical construction and design. He has spent the past 20 years estimating and managing a diverse range of electrical projects, from $10,000 to over $10,000,000. Sean has played a role in every job for Sare Electric since he began in 2000 and has been a major contributor to its growth and development.


Our foremen have an intimate understanding of the job requirements. They will lead verification and oversight of installation and ensure layout and execution are done properly. They will also hold our sub-tier contractors to the same high standards.