Accident Prevention Program

Our safety and time loss control program concentrates on prevention – being proactive, instead of reactive – so we are able to send every worker home to their family healthy at the end of each day. In addition to our site specific safety plan, keys include:

  • Empowering employees. Every worker has the responsibility and authority to stop work if it seems unsafe.
  • A safety culture that is promoted, implemented, and lived out by senior management.
  • Risk mitigation. Work hazards are identified and eliminated. If the hazard cannot be eliminated, a detailed analysis will be performed so a plan can be implemented and monitored throughout the duration of the activity.
  • Project new hire safety orientations for every worker before starting onsite, conducted by our site safety officer.
  • Daily pre-task planning and implementation.
  • Clean work environment to minimize hazards.
  • Mandatory personal protective equipment will be required of anyone entering the jobsite.
  • Strictly adhering to local and federal environmental regulations to protect the community.
  • Weekly safety meetings to address and resolve any potential issues and coordinate with other trades.

Record of Claims, Litigation, or Arbitration

There have been no claims, litigation, or arbitration matters initiated by or against our company in over 18 years.

Record of Complaints

There are no complaints filed against our company since our inception.

OSHA Lost Time Accident Rate